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These assay are ordered in step-wise order based on what testings should be done first

Secondary carbon source selection for CRP promoter


  • Choose the secondary carbon sources most suitable for CRP promoter activity
  • Constitutive promoter activity will be tested using methods originally described by Jason Kelly. This assay should be used to provide the data required for the calculation of a PoPs output from the CRP promoter (for a given set of conditions).

Assay 1.1

Updated version of Assay 1.1

Determining best concentration of IPTG


  • Determine the IPTG concentration that allows for maximal protein production while still being non-toxic to the cell

Assay 1.3

Determining concentration of glucose and time delay


  • Relate the time it takes to reach switch point for varying initial concentrations of glucose.

Assay 1.2

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