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Imperial iGEM 2010 Main project page
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Friday 9.07

  • Harriet's and co. ideas:
  1. Detection of Toluene/Xylene:
    1. Is it not too simple by itself?
    2. Improving on prvious projects by expanding library of chemicals detected?
  2. Cholerae
    1. Project with good vision, but need more details.
  • Wolf idea:
  1. Detection of pathogen using anti-bodies:
    1. Super tough and challanging?
    2. Is intermiediate mentioined by Wolf really necessary - could simplify the system?
    3. Superb application!
  • Kirll'a idea:
  1. The module speading up and/or amplifying the output signal (smell, colour):
    1. In general we got green light on this one.
    2. There was several solutions to a problem presented and the feasible ones implementated recognised
    3. Concern about cell's metabollic load was raised and remains to be assessed.
    4. Try design the module so variety of outputs could be added
    5. Further possible improvement/suggestion - design system so it would allow to control the speed of cell's response.
    6. Look well into research done in this area.
  • Suggestions from advisors on time management:
  1. Modelling
    1. model-guided approach to enhance predictability - determine and control ideal experimental parameters
    2. use of protease/s that are specific and well-characterised (with well-defined kinetics)
    3. optimize system (make it robust to perturbations)through in-silico control of kinetic parameters and optimal intracellular concentrations
  2. Proteases
    1. Trigger activation of enzymes through phosphorylation i.e. use of kinases with binding domains rather than produce enzymes via transcription. This would increase response time since transcription rates are usually very slow.
    2. Use of enzyme database - BRENDA
  3. Other possible outputs eg: flocculation of yeast
  4. Think about posters and wiki already and record the ideas
    1. The poster format is pretty flexible
    2. Include interactivity within wiki
    3. Contact RCA students to evaluate the poster/presentation ideas
  5. Don't forget the ethical side of project

Cake Friday - Kyasha's mint chocolate cake

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