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Meeting with Dr. David Leak

11am - Rm 324 in Biochem to discuss 2C systems


  • Sensitivity of detector protein (dp)- It is best to have the dp membrane bound rather than excreted to the extracellular space as this would probably make the protein less sensitive.
  • EnvZ - Find a B.sub eqivalent of EnvZ ( Do they have a OmpR homologue). Using an endogenous homologous system would be better than exporting the system into B.sub.
  • Heterodimers preferable to homodimers; however not likely ( maybe in chemotoxic systems). We may have to stick to homodimers since we have searched and failed to find any useful systems with heteros.
  • Flagellar localization (CheY chemotaxis) - unsuccessful
  • Ion channel Ton/FepA; iron pump. -> Have a look at Cambridge 2007 wiki - they used it
  • Flagella / fimbrial pilli dp localization -> Contact Fairweather - check Slovenia 2008

Meeting with Prof Filloux

2:00 pm - to discuss 2C systems etc.// fusion proteins


  • Transcriptional speed (how fast is transcription?), use luciferase for proof of principle -> contact Bonnie Bassler
  • Fuse AiP with normally secreted peptide
  • ABC transporter not feasible
  • Gram positive protein transport -> contact M. Van Heel

Journal Club with Tom

4:00 pm - Journal club article : Develop re-usable and combinable designs for transcription logic gates - recent paper that came out of USTC iGEM 2007

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