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Our group has divided into three lab pairs in order to cope with the load of wet lab work. Each lab team will be responsible for the pathway indicated by the team's name while Wolfgang would act as a central co-ordinator. The co-ordinator would have the role ensuring all three groups are on schedule but also have a deep understanding of all components of the project. This will ensure that Wolfgang would be able to present the project with confidence in Boston (alongside with Ben). For summerized information on the overall progress click here.

Lab supervisor: Wolfgang


Experiments we wish that could be carried out for us

  • Determine maximum concentration of sD that cells can produce – crucial! (in vivo):

Compare activities with the next one

  • Determine how much XylE we need to produce prior adding catechol (the threshold value to be determined). (in vitro then maybe in vivo)

In vivo IPTG? -> compare the cultures that have less of it

  • Determine XylE and TEV production. (in vivo)

XylE -> maybe, but very noisy. Use robot to induce production and measure activities TEV -> FRET pairs with TEV link

  • Degradation of XylE (in vivo or in vitro if the cell division is not taken into account)

Yes -> Monitoring activity and then approximate the concentration. Remove the IPTG. Use robot

  • Can we determine TEV kinetics (kcat, Km?) on XylE-GFP? (in vitro)


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