IGEM:MIT/2005/Experimental Timeline

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1. Receive primers \rightarrow Make biobricks, with these Techniques 
   J07005 (phoA), J07006 (malE), J07012-14 (scFv 1-3), J07018 (FecA), J07019 (FecA promoter), FecR, FecI.
1.5  Make competent MC4100 cells, pour LB Kan plates, make freezer stocks of strains acquired from Registry
2. ToxR: 
   Can begin assembly of R0040::B0030, for use in parts J07024-28 (see August wk. 1)
3. Input Experiments : Verify that flourescin oligo's enter cells. 
4. Assemble fecA promoter with GFP --> test (after J07019 complete)
  • July wk 4:
FecA: Fuse scFv with FecA?
  • Aug wk 1:
 -Receive synthesized J07007 (ctx promoter), J07009 (ToxR')
 -Begin Assembly of: 
   -J07011 (ctx promoter :: gfp reporter) 
   -J07024-26 (promoter::RBS::ToxR'::scFv 1-3)
   -J07027-28 (Positive and Negative controls, promoter::RBS::ToxR'::PhoA/MalE)
  • Aug wk 2:
  • Aug wk 3:
  • Aug wk 4:
  • Sept wk 1
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