IGEM:MIT/2005/Monday 8/15 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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General Updates

  • Kate: Are we coming into your lab today to do more cleaning? When are you around?
    • yes, you have a few things left to do (maybe 20 minutes?)....I'm leaving around 3:45 PM.--Kate
  • Team: Info on the Endy lab space:
    1. Jen will show those who weren't around Friday afternoon where our materials are
    2. Heather needs to do some lab specific safety training with everyone, ASAP. We'll do it after this meeting, if we can.
  • I may be late, though hopefully not absent, for today's meeting. With apologies, Natalie

SubTeam Updates

Format: what is the progress? what are the issues?

Input: Maxine

No updates.

Receiver Head-Unit: Jen M

  • Taking over for Jenny, unless someone else volunteers to.
  • This week:
    1. Complete construction of scFv test construct
    2. Begin testing
      • expression (cytoplasmic): western blotting. Any favorite protocols? To plan: talk to team mates and lab members. Timescale?
      • fluorescein binding: need help designing an experiment. should have done by end of week.
   IGEM:MIT/2005/JennyN Lab Notes#Jenny/ See Detailed Notes Here.
   Image:Check.gif PCR start codon to scFv
   Image:Check.gif digest Promoter.RBS BB (recipient)
   Image:Check.gif digest scFvs (suffix donor)
   Image:Check.gif gel purify 
   Image:Check.gif ligate promoter.RBS.svFv
   Image:Check.gif transform
   Image:Pending.gif overnights for miniprep
   Image:Pending.gif identify correct clones (digest), streak plates
   Image:Pending.gif overnights for freezer stock
   Image:Pending.gif freezer stocks promoter.RBS.scFv

Receiver/Transmitter 1 - ToxR : Wiki-Will

Receiver/Transmitter 2 - FecA : Annie

  • Make FecA- and Fur-
-Redesign and order primers
  • FecA Promoter
-Redigest to verify
-PCR to verify
-Construct FecA Promoter-GFP
  • FecA
-Look at Kate's site-directed mutagenesis
-Look at past 2 QuikChange
-Redo QuikChange
  • PhoA'
-Digest to verify cut site already removed
-2nd QuikChange
  • FecR'
-Design internal primers for sequencing
-Make freezer stock and stock of plasmid
-Send to sequence
  • scFv
-Add terminal linker by PCRs
-Verify size
-Send to sequence

Signal Processor: Ray

No updates.


No new updates.


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