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Smell tests

I think the cultures of J45250 cocultured with J45180 from yesterday now smell like banana. But all smells now blend together so I think I need a second opinion.

  • second opinion: One of the three cultures is definitely banana.

Final system

  • I think we have some transformants of J45600 and J45700 in IK cells. We don't know if they are right or not.
  • Plate half of rest of transformant on real Cm/Tet plates and other half into liquid culture

Yeast Follow-up

  • I extracted DNA that was the correct length to be the yeast-expressing banana generator. I transformed it, and grew the transformants up in liquid culture. The yeast don't smell like banana, even with the addition of exogenous isopentyl alcohol.
    • Because this was done so quickly, there are many things that could have gone wrong along the way... could be picked up at a later date.
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