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1. Talk to Li Li about methyl salicylate results- DONE

2. Serial dilute methyl salicylate into n-heptane for calibration curve- DONE

3. Run the serial dilutions on the GC- DONE

4. Construct calibration curve on the GC- DONE

5. Make new LCs of J45700, dilutions and negative controls to extract for the GC tomorrow- DONE (6 50 mL cultures in 250 mL flasks (2 from 700A glycerol, 4 from B0015 glycerol) put on shaker in warm room at 3 PM at 230 RPM)

6. Run a gel of cut Q119B, J45250, and J45400- DONE

7. Gel extract cut Q119B, J45250, and J45400- DONE

8. Ask Veena about isoamyl acetate samples- DONE (she is going to talk with Lily this afternoon)

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