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Things to Do

1. Check media experiment- DONE (definitely smelled more than before, diluted them 1:10 (10 mL media) and put them in 250-mL flasks as well as put the original culture back in, plain TOP10 cells did grow completely in 24 hrs on EZ)

2. Ligate and transform J45250 3K3 and J45600 3C5- DONE

3. Cotransform J45250 1AC3 and J45181 1AT3, J45600 1AT3 and J45800 1AK3, J45250 3K3 and J45181 1AT3, and J45600 3C5 and J45800 1AK3- DONE

4. Make MG1655 cells competent

5. Put J45995, J45996, R0040.E0840, B0015 in fridge- DONE

6. Make 1-L cultures of J45200 and J45120 indole-knockout cells (they grew up last night) with precursor added- DONE

7. Email Barry about making up more EZ media

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