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Melbourne iGEM 2008 -- BioClock Main project page
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Done today:

  • Suspension and transformation (of DH5alpha cells) with
 P1003 8C (J36846 pTet mRFP)...for ribolock as reporter
 P1002 8A (I13522 pTet GFP)
 P1002 3H (I13600 pTet CFP)
 P1001 12F (I13602 pTet CFP)
 P1001 4B (E0240 promoterless GFP)
 P1013 8E (I14032 lac promoter)...for ribokey
  • Re-suspension and transformation (of DH5alpha cells) with:
P1000 C4, E3, F3, G4

-Haozhen & Shiny

  • Made Amp plates and LB


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