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Date: 02/25/14 People in lab: Levi Palmer + helpers

Title: PCR of hmp, gel electrophoresis, TOPO TA cloning

Start Time: 12:00PM

Purpose: To amplify hmp gene and put into a vector for further amplification

Protocol: LTM ed. 2, Invitrogen TOPO-TA cloning manual


Sample Label Description Source Label Quantity
hmp A 2/25 PCR of hmp with suffix&prefix E. coli 8/6/13 1
2/25 LP ET hmp TOPO hmp in TOPO-TA vector on xgal hmp A 2/25 1
Well 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sample Ladder hmp

Results: hmp visible on gel

Notes: Transformation arced b/c did not dilute the transformation before electroporating(TOPO has high salt content)

Stop Time: 6:00 PM

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