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Date: 03/3/14 People in lab: Levi Palmer, Kira Buckowing

Title: Genome prep of P aeru

Start Time: 4:00 PM

Purpose: To purify the genomic DNA of P. aeru to improve PCR results

Protocol: MN DNA, RNA purification kit protocol for genome prep


Sample Label Description Quantity
P.aeru 1 3/3 Genome prep of P. aeruginosa 2

Results: 1: Conc. 88.9 ng/uL, 260/280: 1.5, 230/260: 1.99 2. Conc. 105.4 ng/uL, 260/280: 1.68, 230/260: 2.23


Stop Time: 7:00 PM

Next: PCR amplify norV as control and norCB

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