IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Input/2009/06/13/Hao Wang

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with LinMin

15:00 make the culture medium, repair
computer, search Parts:

Parts CodeLocationLocationPlasmidContainmentDescription
BBa_E0240Kit Plate 112MPsb1A2GFP rbs-repoterMedium rbs
BBa_E0840Kit Plate 112OPsb1A2GFP rbs-repoterStrong rbs
BBa_R0080Kit Plate 112EPsb1A2Ara Promoter
BBa_C0062Kit Plate 14OPsb1A2Lux R geneNo LVA
BBa_C0051Kit Plate 14EPsb1A2C1 repressorWith LVA
BBa_C0179Kit Plate 28MPsb1A2lasR activatorNo LVA
BBa_C0079Kit Plate 114JPsb1A2lasR activatorWith LVA
BBa_R0079Kit Plate 112APsb1A2LasR/Pal promoter

16:55 dissolve the plasmids, prepare to add 15uL ddH2O
21:20 Transform plasmids above

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