IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Input/2009/06/14/Hao Wang

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13:10 repair the computer

14:08 make the LB culture medium

21:00 search the rbs parts:

Parts CodeLocationLocationPlasmidContainmentDescription
BBa_B0030Kit Plate 11HPsb1A2RBSstrong rbs
BBa_B0031Kit Plate 12GPsb1A2RBSWeak
BBa_B0032Kit Plate 12IPsb1A2RBSMedium
BBa_B0033Kit Plate 12KPsb1A2RBSWeaker
BBa_B0034Kit Plate 12MPsb1A2RBS
BBa_J44001Kit Plate 11JPsb1A2RBS
BBa_J61100Kit Plate 15JPsb1A2RBS
BBa_J61101Kit Plate 15LPsb1A2RBS
BBa_J61107Kit Plate 15NPsb1A2RBS
BBa_J61117Kit Plate 111LPsb1A2RBS
BBa_J61127Kit Plate 111NPsb1A2RBS
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