IGEM:PKU Beijing/2009/Notebook/AND Gate 1/Output/2009/06/25/Shan Shen

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10:00 Miniprep the plasmids containing T7 promoter, standard parts 1-12M and 1-12O.
11:00 Electrophoresis of these plasmids
The order and the amount of the samples: marker 10μL, 1-12M 10μL, T7 promoter 10μL, 1-12O 10μL.

The circular plasmids present at smaller places of their real size, which demonstrates that the plasmids are normal.
15:30 Single digestion of the plasmids of the T7 promoter to test the efficiency of the single digestion.
Digestion System 1: 20μL

Buffer 1*H2μL
dd H2O16μL

Digestion System 2: 20μL

Buffer 1*H2μL
dd H2O12μL

16:00 Strart to digest.
20:00 Electrophoresis to test the single digestion.
The order and the amount of the samples: marker 10μL,plasmids of T7 promoter 10μL, digesion product of system 1 10μL, digesion product of system 2 10μL.

The single digestion product is slower than the cicular ones, suggesting that the single digestion is correct and the efficiency is OK.
21:30 Recycle the fragments.
The products of recycling are thrown away by chance by ZHQ.

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