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Questions we want to ask or points we want to discuss with the head of the bioethics comity (add your ideas)

  • Is our system acceptable? What would be an acceptable system? What's missing from our system?
  • What are the main risks of releasing GMO bacteria into the environment?
  • What would be an acceptable probability in terms of gene transfer?
  • Will a number ever be acceptable (however small it might be)? How might this number vary with public opinion?
  • What kinds of (social) standarts would our system need to satisfy to be accepted (France europe world)? How to make our system acceptable by the public?
  • Link with GMO plants. How to avoid the reactions the public had at the time?
  • Can we put any GMO in the environment as long as it "does not affect the ecosystem" (rate very low)?
  • Further educating the population: would that help with public opinion? What form would hat education take?
  • If tomorow we were to release our system in the wild, what kind of message would we deliver to the population to get the broadest accptance?
  • What is your opinion on "directives 2001/18/CE relatives à la dissémination volontaire d'organismes génétiquement modifiés dans l'environnement et abrogeant la directive 90/220/CEE du Conseil
  • Do you think it is inevitable that GMO bacteria will someday be used in the environment? Or do you think that the risk will always be too high?

List of people coming to the meeting Tuesday the 24th of July with the head of the ethics comity (Please add your name if you are interested)

  • Claire
  • Sarah
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