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Experimenter: CDZ, MHS, LC, CXY



Transformation of SDA-H, Y, cro, lacZa-pCC002

  • 8:15am, precipitate with ethanol: pCC002^^ (NotI/XhoI)
  • 2:00pm, ligation of SDA-H, Y, cro, lacZa-pCC002 with pCC002^^ (4uL/1uL)
  • 8:30pm, transformation

Sequencing result

CD1-2,4,5, SS1-2 are correct. Great! We have CD template.

RD1 is wrong. New primers already sent.

Miniprep and digestion test of pLX007-lacZa(1-53)

  • H buffer: 2uL
  • XhoI: 0.5uL
  • NdeI: 0.5uL
  • Plasmid: 10uL
  • ddH2O: 7uL
  • total: 20uL

Image:PKU Switch 07-7-14 PLX007-lacZa(1-23,25), marker.gif

l to r: pLX007-lacZa(1-23,25), marker


Digestion test of pLX007(1)

Image:PKU Switch 07-7-14 PLX007^^(NdeI,ScaI).gif

l to r: pLX007(1)^^(NdeI/ScaI), marker

Not digested. The plasmid is wrong???

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