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iGEM Project name 1 Main project page
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Daily Work


  • Ligate, transform, colony PCR...


  • Wet-Lab
    • Looks like success for some first rounds of cloning!!!
      • Now we have to do colony PCR to check....
      • Ligation for 1b
    • Tonight
      • restreaking
      • Liquid culture for stuff we are running low on (SoxR, BLH, etc)
      • Ran gel from colony PCR
        • Re-run in the morning (still getting used to new equipment and it looked funny)
Results from 1a cloning
Results from 1a cloning
Results from 1c cloning
Results from 1c cloning
Results from 1d cloning
Results from 1d cloning

  • Dry-Lab
    • [what projects occurred today?]
    • [what were the results?]


  • [what problems occurred? frustrations?]

Alternative Solutions

  • [solutions to the problems/future ideas]


  • Graduate Student Board Meeting at 9am
    • Feedback
      • Better Intro
      • Change the first slide, it is scary. We could put into in other parts of the powerpoint
      • Too much text on the second slide
      • Visual of differentiation of T-cells
      • The Movie
        • exaggerate T-cell populations
        • possibly show a graph
        • Take out what you are not using... Is it necessary?
        • More contrast between before and after the implantation of the device
        • Take out the green dots
      • Think more about the purpose of our projest
        • How is it different from pre-existing medicine
      • Explain the location and environment/ symptoms of IBD
      • Naming= "NO sensor" "Trp sensor" explain RA- be VERY clear and simple
      • How is the device used to treat the disease? Why E. coli? What are the results?
        • Why is this a good solution? - greater context of what you are doing and AWESOMENESS!
        • Sell it!
      • The device level diagram slide
        • Divide into two different slides
        • Reduce the amount of details
    • Things to think about
      • How many background do we need to give? Background vs. Specifics in Final Presentation
      • How many people does this disease effect?
      • Talk more about the consequences of implanting the device
      • Keep all information simple, imagine your audience as really really lazy people
      • Impress your audience vs. communication
      • vBOL--talk more about what it is and what it could be used for
    • Slideshow general
      • 3 concepts per slide
      • Show the results, not the process
      • Inroduce vBOL symbols from the start and then use them throughout the presentation
    • Problems that we have been having
      • A biobrick standard that doesn't use Pst1 because the presence of restriction sites in gene sequence (Trp operon) that we can't mutate
      • Assign grad students for assay design
      • Trp operon--Meeting with Yanofsky


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Weekly Goals

  • [enter the team's weekly goals]

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