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Suzie's iGEM Project Main project page
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Daily Work


Project / Accomplishments

  • Updated wiki Protocols
  • Meeting updates
  • Miniprep 1.1b
  • New Construction Diagrams
    • Think of proper "and" gate and inputs...
  • Wiki work on menu-bars and organization


Alternative Solutions


  • 10 am Update Meeting w/ Drew Endy
    • Introductory Slides need to be clearer and more "snappy"
    • Need more direct causal correlations
    • Needs to be only 3 minutes
  • Clinician update is good!
    • However, think about meaning of "diagnostic"... at this point we don't have this
      • Needs to be cheap and efficient
      • Smell, color, sound!...
    • Modeling- great success so far
      • email him if we need more help
  • Meet again next week- wants to hear from everyone
  • 1 pm meeting w/ Cesar
    • Keep revising images- think of different levels
    • Revise wiki
    • Create a uniform standard reference frame for each image?
    • Think of hierarchy
Proteins RBS Degradation tags
RNA Promoter Hairpins
DNA Replication


Weekly Goals

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