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General Overview

  • Responsible for obtaining labspace and reagents/equipment required for the summer’s experiments, as well as running the lab throughout the summer. The committee must maintain an inventory of equipment and reagents. It is also in charge of ordering supplies and maintaining a detailed log of expenditures, which will be transferred to the finance committee to update the budget. To effectively operate the lab, the committee will work with graduate students to ensure the lab is adequately stocked, and is prepared for chemical and biohazard safety. The committee must also work to search for a more permanent lab and storage space for future iGEM teams.
  • Link to googledocs spreadsheet: iGEM Equip/Reagents


Meeting Notes & Agenda

  • 05/04/09
    • tasks:
      • to move incubator and freezer from Beckman/Alway to Herrin by the end of this week; 05/05/09: meet at 4:20 for transfer
      • to make an inventory of all we have--make an excel sheet of description
      • begin contacting FAB for equipment they can let us borrow over the summer
      • make a list of what disposables and reagents we need for over the summer
      • Nghi will let us know about the timing of a meeting with the head of the Bio department

Specific Tasks

  • Contact EH&S about chemical safety and ensure that our lab will abide by all relevant protocols. (http://www.stanford.edu/dept/EHS/prod/)
  • Check out the free chemical database for supplies; move these reagents into our lab space. (https://chemtracker.stanford.edu/surpluschemicals/)
  • Find out the exact dates of our access to the lab in Herrin.
  • Identify specific reagents we need for the summer and the cheapest suppliers.
  • Find a convenient storage space for the period between summers.



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