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Introduction meeting

  • Thursday April 24 17:00-18:00
  • Kluyverlab room D

Meeting 1

  • Thursday May 8 12:30-13:30
  • Kluyverlab room D

Meeting 2

  • Wednesday May 14 12:30-13:30
  • Kluyverlab room D

Meeting 3

  • Thursday May 22 12:30-13:30
  • Location: let us meet at room D. From there we will head to the garden since no room is available... :)

Meeting 4

  • Wednesday May 28 12:30-13:30
  • Kluyverlab room D

Action points:

  • Systematic classification of iGEM projects of previous year. Apparently a webpage already exists on openwetware that has initiated this effort; therefore we will add on that. Bastiaan will take the lead: he will assign each student a bunch of projects to claasify. This will facilitate the discussion with the advisors.
  • Add a description of your competences/expertise on the wiki, so that it is clear what is your contribution to the project (Ruud, Rad, Farzad, Steven).
  • A planning will be posted on the webpage so that we know when everyone is available (Oscar). (*Filippo Menolascina 05:19, 29 May 2008 (EDT): we could use gmail calendar integration supplied by OWW to work out this...some other users have implemented it. Oscar, if you need help tell me!)
  • Have a look at the synthetic biology course of the Imperial College (all).
  • Have a look at the experimental protocols for DNA extraction (Ruud).

Meeting 5

  • Wednesday June 4 12:30-13:30
  • Kluyverlab room D


  • Primer on Molecular biology and modeling in a nutshel.
  • Report about the teacher'workshop in Paris (Domenico).
  • Update on systematic classification of previous year iGEM projects.


  • Primer on Molecular biology and modeling in a nutshel.

The team members in "need" will have a separate session. Valencia link for some courses: Synthetic biology course-Valencia. Nice course organized in 3 parts: training for biologists, training for engineers and training in syntetic biology. The students will meet tomorrow at 14:00.

  • Report about the teacher'workshop in Paris (Bastiaan).

Everyone was very motivated, we also met members of the team from Groningen (NL). An introduction was given in which we were told we are at the beginning of a new era. We should not exppect to solve large problems like cancer but start out slow and easy. Some teams are larger than ours (12 members) and some are already working with parts in the wet lab.

The main wiki page should be the WiKi on iGEM. Two weeks before the Jamboree this will be locked! If nothing is there it will not be evaluated! Also be sure we have all information on the wiki before this closing date.

In general: Documentation is one of the most important parts of the iGEM project!

Beware errors are possible in the current DNA archive. Be sure to check by restriction analysis if you have the correct construct! If we foind an eronous construct the correct one can be dsipatched quicklly

www.partsregistry.org : large source of information on the parts, also protocols for extracting the DNA from the provides folder and making compentent cells. Registering parts: Start registration from the start of developement or even generation of the idea.

We have to impress/stunn/amaze the Judges: generate a novel and original idea (poineering, cutting edge, ambitious). Split the idea in steps/milestones and work on one step at the time (kind of modular organisation of the project).

Teams are invited to contribute to an inter-lab comparisson within iGEM.

Many protocols can be found on openwetware, however be aware the ones in the iGEM registry are tested and proven to work, using other protocols are on your own account (if you do, document/report)

Building on previous projects is encouraged, as long as you document it well and be sure to refer/acknowledge iGEM and the specific team.

  • Update on systematic classification of previous year iGEM projects.

Most of them are done.

  • Brainstorming next week

As a starting point use the classification of the previous iGEM projects. Members should present ideas to the advisors next meeting, prepare a few ppt slides/wiki entries.

Meeting 6

  • Wednesday June 11 12:30-13:30
  • Kluyverlab room B


  • Brainstorming with the advisors.

Meeting 7

  • Wednesday June 18 12:30-13:30
  • Kluyverlab room B


Discussion with Ibo van der Poel on value sensitive design and related ethical issues.

Meeting 8

  • Wednesday June 25 12:30-13:30
  • Kluyverlab room B


  • Brainstorming with the advisors.
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