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Wednesday 15th September

  • The overnight digestions were checked using gel electrophoresis[[1]]. Which was set up as shown bellow:
  • Starting from the top:
 Lane 1) BBa_J04450
 Lane 2) Ladder
 Lane 3) BBa_J04450
 Lane 4) HapR-GFP
 Lane 5) CsrB-GFP
 Lane 6) pgaA-GFP
 Lane 7) CsrB-GFP
 Lane 8) pgaA-GFP


  • The small band from the lanes containing a cut promoter-GFP were extracted using the gel extraction kit.[[2]]
  • The large Band from the lanes containing part BBa_J04450 were extracted using the gel extraction kit.[[3]]

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