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The team arrived yesterday, and we began assessing the status of our stocks and determining the parts we'd need to do the first experiments. Today we did a lot of colony growing, replating, restreaking, and miniprepping. We set up one experiment to determine the full antibiotic resistance biotope for TlambdaOlambda and Rlambda, the F and R plasmid knockout strains. We need this to figure out what markers we can use on our plasmids. In addition, we received oligo ca997 (and some other ones described in my personal construction file 060206, they'll be put into the wiki as we use them). 997 is for constructing pAC977 by EIPCR. I setup the PCR this evening using the Expand kit/8K55 program. The scheme is described in the 060206 construction file. Meanwhile, Bryan has setup this much more professional-looking wiki on OpenWetWare due to some difficulties we were having on the iGEM wiki page.

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