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Resending dried DNA from Edinburgh?

  • Edinburgh is surprised that the parts they sent us on Sept 18 haven't arrived. They offer sending it again, but also including a LovTAP+RFP reporter construct.
  • Luis Told Edinburgh that the best way to send it now is to dry the plasmids in a filter and send them as documents.
  • Chris will check out what he needs to dry out the DNA in plasmids.
  • Luis assumes Genomics accept receiving LovTAP+RFP

Mail from Chris French, october 5

Dear Luis,

sounds like a good plan. I'll look into what is involved in drying DNA and get back to you tomorrow or so. We also have a new part you might be interested in: we've tried to make a single construct in pSB1C3 with the Lov-Tap gene (yours) plus the reporter with RFP from Lausanne. Should get the sequence back tomorrow, so if it has worked, and if this would be useful to you, I can put this in as well.


Chris F.

On 5 Oct 2010, at 17:24, Luis Fernando MontaƱo GutiƩrrez wrote:

E-Mail from Luis that Chris answered above

Dear Chris,

Actually it's kind of expected that it hasn't arrived. thy told me they waited almost a month last time, perhaps a little bit less. Of course it would help a lot to send it again through a couriering company, but, as you said the problem is customs-related. If the package is declared as E coli plasmids, DNA or bacteria, the permits will also last a month, so it would be practically the same. However, if the shipment is declared as synthetic oligos, the paperwork will be ready in a week, more or less, and then you could freely send it to the airport address through DHL or UPS, but not FedEx as far as i know. What happened some time ago is that you'd rather declare the shipment as what it was, and we assumed it would be the same this time (though synthetic oligos is not that far from reality... :D)

So, if it's not a problem for you to send it again (and therefore declare it as synthetic oligos), please let us submit the form to customs meanwhile we wait for the previous package. In a week we will finally know if it is worth sending given that the other one hasn't arrived, so for the moment, what do you think of the declaration thing? and by the way, how many eppendorf tubes are we expecting?

Oh! I just remembered another option! it happens that if we receive te package as a document, there is absolutely no issue with customs, not even the need to declare or submit permits. This would mean drying out each plasmid solution separately on filter paper. that way it can be sent through DHL. But we have never done that before, so we don't know how complicated it can be to actually do that, or if you need any special equipment to do it. Maybe you do know! that could even be the best option, and you can send it to Enrique Paz to the address we have given you before.

What do you think? thanks for all the time spent on these things.


> Luis >

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