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Updating Project progress: Issues with the Bioluminescence measurements

Hi Claudia,

We're currently performing our light sensor characterisation experiments, but it might be a while before we can determine how much light is necessary to activate the sensors. We should, however, have light output data for the red, green (for which we'll be using wild type Ppy luciferase, possibly with enhanced brightness) and blue producers fairly soon.

Ah yes, Chris said you asked him to put that on the package, but he said he wasn't willing to lie to the customs office whilst using the University's name.

Unfortunately, our luxAB-lumP fusion, although visible to the naked eye, is not getting along very well with our spectrophotometer. We've put Will on the case since he seems to have a way with luciferases, so we might be able to give you some data sometime soon.

It's up to you. We're trying to highlight the collaboration as much as possible, as it's sort of a relevant issue in our human aspects project. To be honest, though, it probably would be easier if we didn't have to prod the spectrometry people again to let us use their machine for yet another measurement.

I'll update you when we get any good LovTap data back.


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