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Transformation of the blunt pBBRMSC5 plasmid

  • For the transformation we follow the protocol that Miguel gave us. We use the tube 2 of ligation reaction.

Because we could not enter the laboratory of Dr. Romero to pick up our competent cells, Uriel gave us cells, two tubes of 100μL.

  • I did 4 petri dishes:
  1)Plated with 100μL of the product of transformation directly. Many colonies expected.
  2)Plated with the resuspended pellet resulting from centrifuging the product of the transformation. 

Many colonies expected. This was done to obtain a major concentration of bacteria.

  3)Plated with the control of transformation. No DNA was used for the transformation. No colonies expected
  4)The plating control. No bacteria added to the plate. No colonies expected.

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