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  • Generate principal subproyect page skeleton.
  • Veriffy links among subproyect and principal proyect pages.


  • Generated subproyect html and css archives for Project and Bio-SintetizArte.
  • Veriffied the integrity of previous links.


I generated different css archives for Project and Bio-SintetizArte. The idea is to use these css files for all the "daughter" pages, that is, pages that are connected primarily with one of these principal pages and belong to their category. If we want, for example, to change the letter type for all human practices pages but not project pages we can change just the human_practices_template.css file.

Converting wiki code or text into html suitable text is really time consuming. I must remember this since information will accumulate during the summer if no propper uploading methods are applied. I have scheduled this method design.

I uploaded the files generated and modiffied today to our Dropbox.

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