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March 2nd, 2010

  • We checked the glossary so everyone understands all terms.
  • Hector explained us things related to FRET and BRET, the presentation may be consulted in the dropbox.
  • Find luxAB enzyme to see how easy it is to attach something close enough for BRET to function. Can we attach any protein?
  • Augusto talked about bacterial mechanisms that change wave length due to flavin nucleotides among others, so that color might be changed by point mutations (however, it is too difficult). Ex of nucleotide flavin is YFP.
  • We talked about LuxAB and how decrease in aldehyde stability affects emission.
  • RT3, an E. coli strain that is a variant of MC2100 is deficient in EnvZ. Is there a sequence? Is this strain characterized?
  • Currently: we have receptors for red and blue and various emitters. Thereafter,

1. We need to obtain whole operons 2. We have to check about viability of BRET.


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