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March 23rd, 2010

One way to achive red light is by Luciferin-Luciferase, for this we need to have an LRE (Luciferin regenerating Enzyme). Basic concept of luciferin regenerated


Getting complete the job

Image:UNAM LCG.23.March.2010.RecycleoxyLuciferin.jpg

Lux System

All the elements for systems Lux, will be obtained from V. Fischery.

Now, we are working to get the sequences for all bio-parts and deciding if these parts will be synthesized or getting by PCR.


For LovTAP, there is an analytical Thesis to know how to work with LovTAP, our conclusion are:

We can use that system with its respective properties.

We will learn to study a system which is not 100% effective.

We need

Know if system LRE-Luciferase can work in E. Coli and how to couple to the system.

Search for sequences and details of these.

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