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29th April 2010


The structure for the next meetings in Tuesday will be divided in two sections, WetLab and modeling.


Goals in April.

  • Test blue receptor-promoter (ycg F-E).
  • Mutate Luciferase, taste and measure it.
  • Construction of LovTAP
  • Test plasmids.
  • Synthesis of oligos.

Is necessary: Make right sequences to synthesize them. ATCC= Vibrio Fischery $254.


Goals in April:

  • Know how our system can be analyzed and divided to make models for biologic and physical properties.
  • Understand LovTAP system because it will be the first biological device finished.

Is necessary: Search for initial concentrations of Luciferin inoculated, and measure the decay of Luciferin trough the time. Check Bionumbers web page. Search for critical variables and stoichiometry data.

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