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WiFi coli: A communiColight system Main project page
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August 20th 2010

The goal of this meeting is get points, perspectives and what is our position in advances at this moment


  • Our aim in collaborations with Edinburgh is share biobricks and characterize mutually our biobricks.
  • We keep in touch with Edinburgh by mail.
  • We are going to send our biobrick with a plasmid.
LovTap Blue Promoter Lux Y CcaS and CcaR


Team Mexico-UNAM-CINVESTAV from Mexico, team of our same University, asks if we can make a collaboration. We are going to meet in Mexico City August 27th at Facultad de Ciencias de la UNAM, maybe we can do it if thereĀ“s a possibility.

Now we are focusing in our respective activities.

Fabricio Human Practices and Resources
Hector Wiki and Poster
Claduia WetLab
Daniela Human Practices and WetLab
Augusto WetLab
Jorge Arturo WetLab
Jorge Eduardo WetLab
Mariana WetLab
Amhed Protocols for PoPs
Fernando Poster
Enrique Paz WetLab

Human Practices

We are getting contacts to develop our activities for Human Practices.

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