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July 17th, 2009

- Replated Kan-GFP-Paraoxon sensor. 6 colonies/plate. Incubate the plates in 30 degrees celsius, Pick Up on Sunday

- Set up Rob's PNPbiosensor retransformation (see rob's notebook for July 17th, 2009)


             - 200 ul in 2 10 ml cultures (ypd). worked up until 1 hour incubation step. 
             - Plated at 7 P.M. no dilutions, plate 200 ul with beads

- MTA form processed. will be sent in on Monday. Robs plates from 7.15 were mostly moldy. Threw out. Must be replated.

July 17th, 2009 P2

Transformation of Longtine PCR Products into yeast

This day we discovered the Uracil error. We tossed these plates and re-transformed at 6:00 pm onto 5 -His Plates

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