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June 28, 2010

Today we ran th gel for my PCR from 6/25/2010. The PCR was done to test our polymerase for contaminants, or if our procedure for PCR was working. The PCR was done with:

  • RFC 25 Primer Forward 1uL
  • RFC 25 Primer Reverse 1 uL
  • Template (pSB1AC) 1 uL
  • Turbo Polymerase .2 uL
  • dNTP 10mM 5 uL
  • Pfu buffer 2 uL
  • dH2O 14.8 uL
  • Total 25 uL

There was 1 tube that contained all of the listed materials, one that had more water instead of DNA Polymerase, and one that had water instead of template. The two changed tubes were controls.

I ran the gel on a 1% agarose gel.

I also made 2 50 mL 1% agarose gels:

  • TAE buffer 100 uL
  • 1 gram agarose

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