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August 17th, 2011

  • Amplified directly from the PCA reaction results (1-62) instead of the VGEF band extracted from the gel today. Extracted 20 microliters of the amplified construct and performed pcr purification. Ran 7 mics of the resultant solution on a normal gel with a 400bp ladder and a sample of the pre-purification solution. There is a very clear band at 1000bp for both the amplified and amplified-purified lanes, indicating successful assembly.
  • We then proceeded to test the concentrations of DNA in the samples using the Nanodrop machine. The amplified sample contained 203.8 ng/microliter and amplified-purified sample contained 63.5 ng/microliter, although these numbers are misleadingly high because they include significant amounts of partially assembled construct.
  • Prepared for tomorrow’s meeting with advisers.

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