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June 28, 2010

  • Met with the Synthetic Biology Research Group
  • Measured fluorescence of YFP and RFP with the spectroflourometer using filters
  • Measured the fluorescence of CFP with the plate reader
  • Plated CRP, RFP, YFP
  • Made TB liquid cultures of CFP and YFP
  • Used the spectrophotometer to check the yield of the previously made CFP (1.5 ml and 1.0 ml)
      CFP-1.5-A	  30.0 ng/ul
      CFP-1.5-B	  48.0 ng/ul
      CFP-1.0-A	  21.4 ng/ul
      CFP-1.0-B	  23.9 ng/ul
  • Performed the PCR of the copper promoter and fluorescent protein cassette- performed first PCR (added adapter primers to CFP) and performed the second PCR (extended to full copper promoter and fluorescent protein cassette)
  • Autoclaved assorted materials and bio hazard waste
  • Made LB antibiotic agar

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