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  • Welcome to the Yale 2010 iGem 2010 lab notebook! Creating entries for each day is super easy -- just click on a date on the calendar above. If no entry exists for the page, a new page will automatically be created. If an entry already exists, you are brought straight to that page!
  • Daily, in the lab notebook pages should be created through using the calendar above
  • Brainstorming should be done below, and once they accumulate substantial content have their own pages created for them
  • Conclusion/Project stage pages should be created as enough data/conclusions are drawn, so that we can have a broad overview of what's happening day-to-day

At a Glance: announcements and updates

Currently working on:

  • Copper Resistance
  • Transformation


  • baseline copper growth assays for E. coli strains LE392, BL21 and DH5alpha


Project stages

  • Copper Resistance


Recent changes

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