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1. TCA was prepared for precipitation of proteins.

2. 250 ml LB+ Top 10 (for control) and 250 ml LB+ Lard1 were put into shaker, 37 °C and 160 rpm, overnight incubation.

3. Sending the Biobrick parts to the MIT.

(Group 2)

3. Bacterias were came from Dr. Geckil;

  • We made bacteria storage.

4. Lerning how to make collagen. Collagen making procedure has constructed.

5. Experimental design was prepared about the testing oxygen promoter.

First plan is directly testing the oxygen promoter in the presence or absence of oxygen.We have prepared 4 set of tubes in the presence or absence of oxygen and we compared the growth of bacterias by using spectrophotometer.The second plan is testing the hemoglobin activity; we thought that if the gene coding for hemoglobin is working it means that our oxygen promoter is also working.

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