Imperial College/Courses/Spring2008/Synthetic Biology/Cellular And Molecular Biology Practical/Day 1

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Spring 2008 - Introduction to Synthetic Biology

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Wet Lab: EcoRV Restriction Endonuclease over expression and digestion of DNA


  • Introduction and overview
  • Inoculate 2x5 ml overnight cultures
  1. Aseptically put 2 x 5 ml of LB media into a 2 x 30 ml sterilin universal (pre-sterilised). Add 5 l of ampicillin antibiotic (50 mg/ml). (Question 1: What is the final concentration of ampicillin in the overnight culture ?)
  2. Inoculate each 5 ml culture from a different single E. coli colony from the plate by picking and inoculating with a sterile loop.
  3. Label each tube with your name and a number to differentiate each culture.
  4. Place the cultures in the 28°C incubator for overnight growth.
  5. Update your lab notebook.
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