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Plates run thus far for the project

Plate Runs GM project Samples Panels Success
RUB100326 5990-5992 RUB100326 seedlings 07-06A to 07-07B 1,2,3 worked well
RUB100406S 5993-5995 SRUB100406 parents and seeds S01-01A to S01-03D 1,2 worked well
RUB100503 6031-6036 SRUB100504 parents and seeds S01-04B to S01-08D 1,2 some markers worked but not others
RUB100505 6037-6042 SRUB100505 parents and seeds 1,2 still have problems with RUB262 and CBA28, but many samples are working for other markers
RUB100707 6164-6168 RUB100707 seedlings, apparently on new plate 1,2,3 70% success according to Stella
RUB100720 6186-6187 seedling do-overs 1,2

It looks like the seed DNA is good but we just had problems with a couple markers (primarily RUB262 because it was a new primer stock). So you're only redoing seed DNA extractions because you had mixed up some samples, yes?

Plate run today

Lindsay took RUB100720 out of the 4C around 12:30 PM and loaded it on sequencer. Assumed it was already denatured. Added some water to well 4B because this well did not seem to have enough liquid in it. I noticed that liquid had been added to the plate in the wrong orientation, so I also loaded the plate into the sequencer in this flipped-around orientation.

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