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Apomixis in hybrid Rubus Main project page
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GeneMapper analysis

  • New project: RUBapomixis100910
  • Runs included: 5993-5995, 6031-6042, 6164-6168, 6186-6187, 6199-6210, 6234, 6237-6240
  • Most of these runs are already in existing projects, but I brought everything into one for ease of analysis
  • Created a new bin set called "Rubus apomixis". This will only contain alleles found in the parents, to make scoring the genotypes of the progeny a bit easier. I changed the "Microsatellite-Rubus" analysis method so that it now uses this new bin set.
  • The Sample Names for the leaf plate (RUB100707) are slightly confusing... it seems that each sample has two different names depending on which panel is being run.

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