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ABI run and allele calling

  • Plates RUB101001A3 and RUB101001B ran fine, except that the machine ran out of polymer for the last run.
  • Refilled the reserve syringe with polymer.
  • Made new plate file, RUB101001C, that was columns 11&12 of plate RUB101001B, but rotated around into columns 1&2.
  • Ran RUB101001C. Run # 6271
  • Created GeneMapper project RUB101001, containing runs 6256, 6260-6269, and 6271
  • Updated consolidated genotypes file: Media: RUBapomixis101006_Genotypes_Table.xlsx

Finding samples on old seed plates that worked

  • File listing old seed plate samples that worked before: Media: working_from_old_seed_plates.xlsx
  • No PCR done for old seed plate 2? Might try entire plate
  • These will be included in next round of do-overs

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