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・Materials Staples DNA were purchased from IDT ( U.S.A )

A. Self assembly of DNA origami
The formation of DNA origami was performed with M13mp18 ssDNA (4 nM, Takara, Japan), staples DNA (20 nM for each strand) in a solution containing Tris (40 mM), acetic acid (20 mM), EDTA (10 mM), and magnesium acetate (12.5 mM, 1 X TAE/Mg2+ buffer, 50 µL). This mixture was cooled from 90˚C to 25˚C at a rate of -1.0˚C/min to anneal the strands.

B. AFM observation
AFM imaging of DNA origami was performed on a Multimode 8/ Nanoscope system (Bruker AVS). The mixture (1 µL) was deposited on freshly cleaved mica, additional 1X TAE/Mg2+ buffer (40 µL) was added, and the imaging was performed in the fluid Tapping mode with a BL-AC40TS tip (Olympus, Japan).

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