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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> 1064 4W Coherent laser / OT Plan

Use this wiki page for recording information on laser: http://openwetware.org/wiki/Koch_Lab:Inventory/Coherent_1064nm_DPSS

Hey All,

Evan has loaned us the 4 Watt 1064nm Coherent laser to use for our tweezers in the near term.  Igor and I moved it over to the new lab yesterday, along with some other optics.  Im trying to get a lot of the junk moved off that table today (hopefully Dan Bryant will be in to help do that).  Once much of the junk has been moved (all big old lasers, except for one, all the shelves should be clear) we can finish moving equipment over, and construct the tweezers.

·       There is an issue with image acquisition / MT work that Ill send another email about

Here is what I think should be done, up until the point of having a trapped microsphere.  Please do chime in if youd like to participate in anything which Ive not assigned.  The intention is to be happy and productive, not to exclude anyone.  If youd like to participate in one step or another, thats fine to do so planning amongst yourselves.  As Ive written it, I havent listed tasks for Ant or Brigette, which doesnt mean anything more than theyre doing other things not listed.

1.       Moving & Cleaning Linh can lead this, along with Andy to the extent hes able.  I can also help.  Moving microscope, little optical table, kochlab-daq2, and associated necessary optics.  Light cleaning of big optical table and shelves if necessary.

2.      Setting up 1064 nm laser (cleaning / installing fiber).  Steve & Igor & Andy

3.      Characterizing 1064 nm laser.  Linh can lead this.   Using ND filters and cheap CCD camera / beam chopper, we need to know:

a.      Beam power (thermopile)

b.      Beam diameter at specific location (centimeters) relative to output coupler of laser.

c.      Beam divergence beam chopper or CCD (probably CCD) measuring at several points downstream to calculate divergence angle.

d.      Expansion characteristics of the fixed and variable beam expanders.

4.      Designing OT pathLarry.  Using parameters from #3 above and known info about back aperture, 1064 nm optics we have, and beam expanders

5.      Aligning OTAndy and Igor.  Trapping free 0.5 micron microspheres.

After trapping in step 5, well regroup and make another plan for calibration and DNA stretching.

Definitely please let me or the dna email list know if you see problems with this plan!


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