Kristen Horstmann Individual Journal Responses

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Each week, I will be assigned a journal entry for BIOL398-04/S15. This page catalogues each week's assignment.

Week 1

  • Created WetWare Page
  • Responded to class journal
  • Favorite Aspects of Math/Bio
  1. My favorite aspect of biology is how absolutely complex it is, which allows new discoveries and an ever-changing field. All types of science, including biology, will always be pertinent as a final frontier of sorts because scientists will continue to find new things or create different hypotheses and theories.
  2. My favorite aspect of mathematics is how each problem is like a small puzzle. There is such a level of satisfaction that comes with getting a math problem right that really should not be undervalued. I appreciate how black and white some parts of math can be when everything else in the world doesn't have such a strict definition of right and wrong.
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