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My dyes finally worked today! I saw the whole process through and whole mounted them etc and seemed to get a really clear and flat image on the Leica dissecting microscope. Fabiana and I were surprised at how clear and magnified the images could get on the Leica which is really great! The dye went really well and we got a full coverage injection where I could see the afferents extend to the fullest that they do and the efferent s turn clearly. Tomorrow I want to inject two different colours on the same nerve but on different sides to see whether the nerves decussate and intermingle with each other. I cracked eggs that had been in the small incubator today for 4 days and they were luckily all alive however at very small stages- stage 15 which you would not expect for a 4 day old embryo! I have left one and I will crack it open tomorrow to see if it has grown and how long it takes for these eggs to get to the stage that I want them at in the little incubator.


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