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Biological Life at AU

This lab was developed in order to take a closer look at a local ecosystem within AU's campus grounds. By looking closer at our assigned transect, we will later be able to examine different life forms whether it be a species or a specific population. To fully understand an ecosystem, we also needed to take note of any biotic or abioitic factors within the transect environment; for all of these factors have an important interplay of importance. We expect that many different types of organisms are present within out transect and we chose specific sample locations to get the best results. If we take samples of Area 2, then we will find a multitude of different organisms.


- notebook - sterile 50 mL conical tube -10-12 grams of a transect sample - 500 mL of Deerpark water - .1 gm of dried milk


To begin, we took note of and analyzed Area 2 to get a better understanding of our designated location, for example: abiotic, biotic, trees, shrubbery and ground. After doing so, we developed a detailed map labeling a birds eye view and topography of the area. After we chose two locations to take samples from to put in the 50 mL conical tube, we labeled the location of each on the map. Once the sample was brought back to the lab room, we took 10-12 grams of the transect and mixed it with 500 mL of Deerpark water and also mixed .1 gm of dried milk for 10 seconds. The jar in which all of these were mixed was then set aside for farther use for the following week.

Transect Map Area 2

After the lab, we took away that even 20 by 20 ft area can be very dynamic and has an interesting set up, even on a scale the naked eye cannot see. We predict that when we take a closer look under the microscope, our sample will have many different types of organisms present and living together.



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