Location of Mimulus tilingii populations

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Sonora pass, Hwy 108, CA

Budd Lake near Tuolomne Meadows, CA #5690

HWY 120 between Lee Vining and Yosemite Natl Park entrance

  • Longitude W 119.13.544
  • Latitude N 37.57.049

Pelton Basin, E. of Cascade Pass, North Cascades National Park Complex, WA

  • Longitude W 121.02.95
  • Latitude N 48.27.69

Lake Sabrina, Bishop Lake Watershed, White Mountains, CA

  • Longitude W 118.36.627
  • Latitude N 37.12.720

Soda Creek Campground at Sparks Lake, Hwy 46 from Bend, OR

  • Longitude W 121.43.712
  • Latitude N 44.01.504

Near headwaters of Stevens creek, Mt. Rainier National Park, beyond end of Paradise Glacier trail

  • Longitude W 121.42.835
  • Latitude N 46.48.125

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