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Timeline for Development & Conclusion

Company Timeline

  • We will seek an initial round of funding to do initial in vitro and in vivo experiments
  • After drug is approved we will begin treating first-world patients who can afford the initially expensive treatment
  • Simultaneously we will begin developing the same approach to treat other viral diseases such as the various hepatitis viruses
  • We will seek patients’ and possibly non-infected blood donors to consent to us storing their engineered hematopoietic stem cells for future use in creating a library of stem cells
    • This will remove the necessity of drawing a patient's blood to generate patient-specific stem cells, lowering costs
  • Once we show our treatment is financially feasible, we will actively seek out funding from NGOs to expand our scope and begin treatment in third-world countries
  • Our reservoir of HSCs and experience in treating first-world patients will reduce the cost of treating patients in the third-world enough to provide treatment to everyone

Financial Considerations

  • Figure out estimated costs to do this

Intellectual Property

  • We will probably have to license the Glaser patent since it covers so much of our idea
  • We will first attempt to purchase the exclusive rights to his patent for $XXX
  • If that does not work, we will offer him a 25% (?) share of our equity and a position on our scientific advisory board
  • The novel part of our idea is the use of stem cells to generate erythrocyte viral traps, and we will try to patent this aspect


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