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Technical 11

Electric field dependence of reactivity of state‐selected and oriented methylhalides

Electric Field Control of Structure, Dimensionality, and Reactivity of Gold Nanoclusters on Metal-Supported MgO Films

Selective Bond Dissociation and Rearrangement with Optimally Tailored, Strong-Field Laser Pulses

Switching by Pulse Electric Field of the Elevated Enzymatic Reaction in the Core of Polyion Complex Micelles

Molecular Rectification through Electric Field Induced Conformational Changes

Eugene – A Domain Specific Language for Specifying and Constraining Synthetic Biological Parts, Devices, and Systems

Self-Arraying of Charged Levitating Droplets

Synthetic pathways to make nanoparticles fluorescent

Fluorescent-magnetic nanocrystals: synthesis and property of YPxV1−xO4:Eu@GdPO4 core/shell structure

Toward quantitatively fluorescent carbon-based “quantum” dots

Functionalized magnetic-fluorescent hybrid nanoparticles for cell labelling

[Ming Li Han, Yan Liang Zhang, Meng Ying Yu, Cheng Yap Shee, and Wei Tech Ang, Non-contact force sensing for real-time stressing of biological cells]

Constructing de novo biosynthetic pathways

Translocation of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Through Solid-State Nanopores

Plasmonic Antennas for Directional Sorting of Fluorescence Emission

DNA Tunneling Detector Embedded in a Nanopore

Rapid search for specific sites on DNA through conformational switch of nonspecifically bound proteins

Imaging the electromechanical activity of the heart in vivo

Versatile RNA-sensing transcriptional regulators for engineering genetic networks

Measuring the evolutionary rate of protein–protein interaction

A Metabolic Biofuel Cell: Conversion of Human Leukocyte Metabolic Activity to Electrical Currents.

Characterization of photophysical and base-mimicking properties of a novel fluorescent adenine analogue in DNA

Resurrected enzymes

Automated assembly of standard biological parts.

Ultrasonic analysis of kinetic mechanism of hydrolysis of cellobiose by β-glucosidase

The agents of natural genome editing

Self-Powered System with Wireless Data Transmission

A Carpet Cloak for Visible Light

Electroporation Dependence on Cell Size: Optical Tweezers Study

Use of 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance To Measure Intracellular Metabolite Levels during Growth and Asexual Sporulation in Neurospora crassa{triangledown},{dagger}

Beware of metaphors: Chasses and orthogonality in synthetic biology.

Design and Development of Self-Healing Polymers and Coatings

Using silver nanowire antennas to enhance the conversion efficiency of photoresponsive DNA nanomotors

Nanophotonic three dimensional microscope

Long-Distance Indirect Excitation of Nanoplasmonic Resonances

[ Water Boiling Inside Carbon Nanotubes: Toward Efficient Drug Release]

Landscape of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies

Chemical Analysis of Single Cells

Top down sequencing of O-Glycoproteins

Raman imaging of single living cells: probing effects of non-cytotoxic doses of an anti-cancer drug

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