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Technical 3

Genetic aspects of floral fragrance in plants

Scent engineering: toward the goal of controlling how flowers smell

Alternating Current Driven Electroluminescence from ZnSe/ZnS:Mn/ZnS Nanocrystals

Imaging Surface Charges of Individual Biomolecules

Synthetic Proton-Gated Ion Channels via Single Solid-State Nanochannels Modified with Responsive Polymer Brushes

The Charge Conduction Properties of a Parallel-Stranded DNA GQuadruplex: Implications for Chromosomal Oxidative Damage

Generalized model of the microwave auditory effect

Ordering of the Nanoscale Step Morphology As a Mechanism for Droplet Self-Propulsion

An externally tunable bacterial band-pass filter

Direct single-molecule observation of a protein living in two opposed native structures

Evidence of magnetic vortices formation in Mn-based sub-micrometre structures embedded in Si–Mn films

Oscillating magnetic field-actuated microvalves for micro- and nanofluidics

Intracellular Spatial Control of Fluorescent Magnetic Nanoparticles

Surface Phonon Polaritons Mediated Energy Transfer between Nanoscale Gaps

Rapid and Dynamic Intracellular Patterning of Cell-Internalized Magnetic Fluorescent Nanoparticles

Radiation-induced tetramer-to-dimer transition of Escherichia coli lactose repressor

Current bistability in a weakly coupled multi-quantum well structure: a magnetic field induced ‘memory effect’

Calculations of the resonant response of carbon nanotubes to binding of DNA

Spiral and target patterns in bivalve nacre manifest a natural excitable medium from layer growth of a biological liquid crystal

Excitable Media

Universal behavior of the osmotically compressed cell and its analogy to the colloidal glass transition

cDNA microarray reveals the alterations of cytoskeleton-related genes in osteoblast under high magneto-gravitational environment

Will planets reveal the light of their life?

Reaching the protein folding speed limit with large, sub-microsecond pressure jumps

Downhill protein folding under pressure

Slow down to speed up

Nanoelectromechanical systems: Mass spec goes nanomechanical

Ferroelectric memory: Slim fast

Droplet networks with incorporated protein diodes show collective properties

Towards single-molecule nanomechanical mass spectrometry

Locating the transition from periodic oscillations to spatiotemporal chaos in the wake of invasion

Traceless protein splicing utilizing evolved split inteins

Tentacled snakes turn C-starts to their advantage and predict future prey behavior

Programmed loss of millions of base pairs from a vertebrate genome

Mesoscopic atomic entanglement for precision measurements beyond the standard quantum limit

Propulsion of Gold Nanoparticles with Surface Plasmon Polaritons: Evidence of Enhanced Optical Force from Near-Field Coupling between Gold Particle and Gold Film

Click Chemistry and Bioorthogonal Reactions: Unprecedented Selectivity in the Labeling of Biological Molecules

Quantum engineering: Squeezing entanglement

Many-particle entanglement with Bose–Einstein condensates

Quantum mechanics: Entanglement goes mechanical

Thermoelectric Signatures of Coherent Transport in Single-Molecule Heterojunctions

Directed Hybridization and Melting of DNA Linkers using Counterion-Screened Electric Fields

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